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Welcome to the David Cook Setlists archive. This website has been created to make it easier to view a particular show's setlist or to search for a particular song. To search the database, please use the links in the menu to the left.

Please note — the archive begins with November 2008, and only those shows/appearances consisting of at least four songs are contained in the database. If you find an error in a setlist, please drop me a line on twitter (@livehead16), and I will try to correct it as soon as possible.

Special thanks go to all the cellcasters, ustreamers and recappers/reporters for making this website possible, as well as to Lisa at DCO for keeping everything organized. And a big thank you to Suzanne for the beautiful header graphic and for her overall help and support with the design of the site.

Happy searching!

Total number of setlists archived: 485

Most recent show archived: Cross County Shopping Center, 2017-11-18


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